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Connect and Engage
Your Next-gen Sustainable Consumers


Your #1 Sustainability Partner

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Carbon Savings (Kg)

Carbon Wallet is
Your 1st-Choice Sustainability Marketing Platform

Green reward

Sustainability Marketing Service

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  • Acquire, engage, retain your sustainable consumers with our one-stop service

  • Promote your sustainability leadership to the right audience with our O2O solution

Green Reward


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  • Hook and reward your customers via CW Points with a curated and ready list of green rewards

  • Hassle-free, pay-as-you-go with minimal set-up at your end!


Data Insights

  • Gain insights into consumer consumption patterns through real-life recycling data

  • ​Convert sales by providing your customers with coupons upon barcode scanning

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Our Success Cases

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GREEN$ Point Conversion

Carbon Wallet has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s GREEN$ incentive scheme, allowing users of GREEN$ to convert GREEN$ to Carbon Wallet Points. GREEN$ users can now enjoy Carbon Wallet’s expanded, more diversified and greener portfolio of rewards. The collaboration has bolstered GREEN$'s efforts in acquiring and retaining eco-conscious consumers. The enhanced set of rewards also encourage greater user engagement, enhancing user stickiness and brand loyalty. 

Why is Carbon Wallet Your First Choice?


True Green In Green Out!

  • We make diligent and careful screening to curate and onboard the BEST list of green offers to reward our users – reinforcing a green lifestyle inside-out!

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