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Carbon Wallet is
Your 1st-Choice Sustainability Marketing Platform

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Sustainability Marketing Service

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  • Acquire, engage, retain your sustainable consumers with our one-stop service

  • Promote your sustainability leadership to the right audience with our O2O solution

Green Reward


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  • Hook and reward your customers via CW Points with a curated and ready list of green rewards

  • Hassle-free, pay-as-you-go with minimal set-up at your end!


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  • Engage your staff/ stakeholders to go green with our unique "Community" function, and unite them with shared and actionable sustainability goals

  • Consolidate and report your community’s collective green effort in no time

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Our Success Cases


The Beauty in Recycling

Carbon Wallet launched an industry-leading initiative with 6 beauty brands - Fresh, L’Occitane, The Body Shop, Factiv, EVOLCARE, and Melvita - in April 2023 to reduce and recycle plastic waste in the beauty industry. Over 60 stores from these brands accept beauty empties from all brands, rewarding consumers with Carbon Wallet Points and exclusive brand offers. The initiative showcases sustainability leadership and commitment from the participating brands, while driving traffic to partner stores at low cost.

Why is Carbon Wallet Your First Choice?


True Green In Green Out!

  • We make diligent and careful screening to curate and onboard the BEST list of green offers to reward our users – reinforcing a green lifestyle inside-out!

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