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Make Green Lifestyle Fun

Hong Kong's One-stop Green Lifestyle Reward Platform

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Get rewarded for your daily green habits now!

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What if living a low-carbon lifestyle could be fun and enjoyable?

Adding a dose of hope, fun and positivity to inspire climate actions by individuals,

Bringing you rewarding experiences of going green,

Celebrating the progress we made collectively as a community.


Every little step colours our planet.

Let’s paint the colorful picture we hope to see together!


6 Green Actions to earn CW Points

Click on each green action to learn more about the steps to earn!

MTR Rides 🚇

Do you know MTR is the public transportation mode with the lowest carbon emissions per km in Hong Kong?


Link your Octopus with Carbon Wallet account now! Record your monthly travelling distance of MTR journeys, learn about the carbon emissions saved and earn CW Points.

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More than a Green Reward Programme!

Carbon Wallet as an one-stop solution to make your carbon reduction journey easy and enjoyable.

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My achievements

With research-based Carbon Savings calculation, learn about your contribution to the environment. Every little step counts, right?

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Go Green Map

Explore happenings around you among 9,000 go-green locations to embark your low-carbon journey.

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Explore sustainability initiatives and the latest offers of eco-friendly products from our partners in Hong Kong!

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