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Make Green Lifestyle Fun

Hong Kong's One-stop Green Lifestyle Reward Platform

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Get rewarded for your daily green habits now!

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What if living a low-carbon lifestyle could be fun and enjoyable?

Adding a dose of hope, fun and positivity to inspire climate actions by individuals,

Bringing you rewarding experiences of going green,

Celebrating the progress we made collectively as a community.


Every little step colours our planet.

Let’s paint the colorful picture we hope to see together!

Unlock Exciting Green Rewards with Carbon Wallet Points!

More than a Green Reward Programme!

Carbon Wallet as an one-stop solution to make your carbon reduction journey easy and enjoyable.

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My achievements

With research-based Carbon Savings calculation, learn about your contribution to the environment. Every little step counts, right?

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Go Green Map

Explore happenings around you among 9,000 go-green locations to embark your low-carbon journey.

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Explore sustainability initiatives and the latest offers of eco-friendly products from our partners in Hong Kong!

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