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Co-create a sustainable future


It could be fun!

Make Green Lifestyle Fun


We embrace diversity in lifestyle

Doing things differently


What if living a low-carbon lifestyle is fun and enjoyable?


If communicating climate change is about inspiring collective actions of humankind, we need to change our narrative and be human-centric.


A narrative based on how psychology works, how behaviour could possibly be changed. Less about fear and negativity, more about hope and enjoyment.


Less about sharing devastating news of extreme climate events, more about engaging people to take simple green actions in daily lives


Less about measuring carbon footprint, more about informing and rewarding people for the carbon emissions saved for their green actions


Works better, right? Let's enjoy the carbon-saving journey together 😉

Our Principles

As an MTR-backed social innovation venture, we aspire to collaborate with stakeholders and co-create a green ecosystem in Hong Kong. We are committed to empowering our users to live a low-carbon lifestyle.


The principles below are of utmost importance to us since the day we founded Carbon Wallet:

Green Inside Out

Green In, Green Out. Users live green to earn points, and the rewards they are redeeming are green as well so that their carbon saving efforts will not be counterweighed by unsustainable consumption.

Rewards based on Carbon Savings

Your impact matters and should be recognised. CW Points are rewarded based on the carbon emissions saved of your measurable green actions.


Meeting Our Brand Ambassadors



Dr. Carbobear is a passionate climate scientist who dedicated his life in the research on climate change communications.


He clearly understands the urgency of achieving carbon neutrality and always gently encourages his friend Pengreen to reduce carbon emissions in daily lives together.


"While the science is clear, it takes time to change our polluting trajectories. We are on it and will be there eventually when the world is filled with positivity and faith, not fear." - Dr Carbobear


Pengreen is always kind-hearted, cheerful and sometimes a bit mischievous. As a curious kid, Pengreen enjoys learning more about the nature.


He loves bringing joy and energy to everyone. Searching for a buddy to start living a low-carbon lifestyle? He could be your partner-in-crime supporting you along the way!

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