Frequently Asked Questions

1.       General Questions


1.1.  What is Carbon Wallet?


Carbon Wallet is Hong Kong’s one-stop mobile application to go green. We aspire to become the largest green lifestyle reward platform in Hong Kong. Through measuring your Carbon Savings from green actions and rewarding your low-carbon lifestyle, Carbon Wallet empowers users to act on climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit and find out more!


1.2.  How does Carbon Wallet help me live a low-carbon lifestyle?


To help you adopt a low-carbon lifestyle, Carbon Wallet encompasses a range of functions and features:


  1. Carbon Savings Tracker – inform you how much carbon emission is saved from your green actions, how every little step counts with the equivalency metrics

  2. Green Rewards Program – get rewarded for living a low-carbon lifestyle and redeem green products and experiences 

  3. Green Interactive Map – help you find recycling points, green restaurants and water filling stations nearby at your fingertips

  4. Recycling Tips and Instructions – understand the recycling steps of different recyclables and materials, view what can be recycled and what cannot at each recycling point

  5. Green Challenges - Join our green challenges and campaigns in partnership with different organizations and businesses


1.3.  When was your map database last updated?


The map will be updated monthly. In case of inaccurate information, please let us know through the [Feedback] button on the detail page of the corresponding location. We will review and keep our database up to date regularly.


2.       Account Questions


2.1.  Forgot password 


Press the [Forgot password] button and a SMS will be sent to your registered phone number with a verification code. You can reset the password after inputting the verification code. 


2.2. Sign up and join the community of Carbon Savers


Download “Carbon Wallet” from App Store and Google Play Store. Sign up and fill in basic information. Pengreen and Carbobear will then give you a guided tour to start the journey!


2.3. How do I update my password and other personal details?


For password, please go to [Profile] > [My Account] > [Change Password].

For personal details, please go to [Profile] > [My Account] > [Update Personal Details]. Follow the simple steps to update your email address and district. If you wish to change other personal details, please contact us through [Customer Support Centre].


2.4. How can I delete my account on Carbon Wallet?


You may submit the account deletion request on Carbon Wallet by clicking [Delete Account] in [Profile] > [My Account]. We will complete processing your request in 3 working days.  Once deleted, your account cannot be recovered.


3.       Earning Carbon Savings and CW Points


3.1.  What is Carbon Savings?


Carbon Savings is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent saved as a result of a green action when compared to its baseline emissions.
3.2.  How does Carbon Wallet calculate Carbon Savings?


We have appointed an independent consultant RESET Carbon to conduct benchmarking studies and research on relevant publications. This ensures the calculation methodology is scientific and the assumptions made are justifiable. During the process, we have also consulted various Green Groups. For details, visit our website


3.3.  How can I earn CW Points in the App?


Start saving carbon with us today! In general, every 10g carbon saved earns you 1 CW Point. You can also earn extra CW Points by completing the following green actions:  


  • Take photo of your recyclables in designated recycling points (including Beverage Plastic Bottles, Personal Care Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles and Beverage Cartons)

  • Enjoy a vegetarian meal in our Partnering Restaurants and capture the receipt

  • Bring your own cup at Designated Locations

  • Choose plant-based milk in our Partnering Coffee Shops

  • Join our Weekly Step Challenge

  • Friends’ referral

  • Join other featured challenges


More features to record your green action will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


*Check out the list of our Partnering Restaurants, Designated Locations and Partnering Coffee Shops in Featured Challenges in Home, or select [Guide] after clicking [Camera] button.


3.4. Can I share my green action submissions with my friends/family?


No. For the sake of fairness, each green action submission can only be submitted once. We will reject your submission if there are duplicated submissions.


3.5. I cannot submit my recycling record. What can I do?


Please make sure you have granted location access to Carbon Wallet App. You may try to re-login to see if the issue is resolved. If you still cannot submit your record, please contact us through [Profile] > [Customer Support Centre] and share with us your recycling record.


3.6. How are CW Points calculated based on Carbon Savings?


In general, every 10g carbon saved earns you 1 CW Point. We round up CW Points rewarded to the nearest integer. The ratio holds true for each unit of green action. 


Take plastic bottle as an example, as Carbon Savings per plastic bottle is 44g, you will be rewarded with 5 CW points for each recycled. If you recycle 5 plastic bottles, you will be rewarded with 25 CW Points (5 CW points x 5).


3.7.  Can I view my Carbon Savings record?


Yes, you can check it out in [My Green Journey] on the homepage.


3.8.  What do the four icons in the homepage mean?


Understanding your Carbon Savings is just the first step. The four icons on the homepage show you equivalencies of your Carbon Savings. We hope to inform you the impact of every little step in an easy-to-understand way. For details, visit our website  
3.9.  What is the difference between Carbon Savings and CW Points?


Carbon Savings is calculated based on your carbon emissions saved as a result of the green action relative to its baseline emissions. 


CW Points is the currency earned from green actions, friends’ referral and time-bound featured challenges. You may redeem green rewards, services or experiences from sustainable businesses and organizations by CW Points.


3.10.  Why are some of my Carbon Savings and CW Points earned revoked?


To maintain the credibility of Carbon Wallet, we will review the green action records with the data you have input and the photo submitted to our system. Carbon Wallet reserves all rights to revoke the relevant Carbon Savings and CW Points from users’ account when the records do not match.


3.11.  Information about the recycling point is inaccurate. How can I report it?


Kindly report any inaccurate information through the [Feedback] button on the detail page of corresponding location.


Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback with us to improve the accuracy of green information provided with public.

3.12.  Why is my recycling record under review?


To reflect users’ actual contribution to the environment, we will review and verify users’ submissions. We usually complete the review within 3 to 5 working days. CW Points will be automatically rewarded to your account upon verification.


4.       Reward Redemption


4.1.  Where can I see the list of rewards that are currently available?


You can check the latest reward offers in [Rewards].


4.2.  Can I cancel the rewards after redemption?


Once you have redeemed the rewards, we are sorry that you cannot cancel the redemption.


4.3.  Why are some reward offers not available?


Sorry, some offers might be out of stock.


4.4.  I cannot use the coupon after redemption. What should I do?


Please check if the coupon has been used or expired. If it is still within the validity period, please contact us via or select the [Customer Support Centre] button on the Profile page for further support.

4.5. Do CW Points expire?


There are two expiry dates for CW Points each year, 30 June and 31 December. 


CW Points earned from 1 January to 30 June this year will expire on 31 December this year, which must be used to redeem coupons on or before 31 December this year.


CW Points earned from 1 July to 31 December this year will expire on 30 June next year and must be used to redeem coupons on or before 30 June next year. 


Expired CW Points will be forfeited automatically. For details of the expiry date of your CW Points, please visit [Profile] -> [Reward Status]. 


5.       Others


5.1.  Why am I not allowed to choose my mascot?


The default setting is Pengreen. You could choose the mascot in the [Reset] button near the mascot on the homepage. Please be reminded that there is only one chance for selecting your mascot


5.2.  Any feedback and comment?


Feel free to contact us via or get in touch with our Customer support via [Profile] > [Customer Support Centre].